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Alexander BRASSFIELD (my paternal g grandfather)

Birth: 29 Apr 1826, MO

Death: aft 1885, OR

Burial: Unknown

Occupation: Farmer, Reverend

Religion: Methodist

Father: Dennis Michael T. BRASSFIELD (1794-1855)

Mother: Clarissa WILLIAMS (1795-1853)

Marriage: 1854, Lancaster Schuyler County, MO


Mary Crawford WILLIAMS (my paternal g grandmother)

Birth: 4 Mar 1834, IL

Death: 28 Jan 1866, Scio, Linn County, OR

Burial: Pietrok Cemetery, Linn County OR

Father: Aaron Crawford WILLIAMS (1787-1870)

Mother: Nancy Catherine SIMMONS (1792-1840)


1 M: John Wilson BRASSFIELD

Birth: 10 Jan 1856, Clay County, MO

Death: 28 Oct 1918, Olympia, WA

Spouse: Cora Maybelle LAMSON

Marriage: 4 Oct 1885, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

2 M: Rev. Robert Foster BRASSFIELD

Birth: 10 Jan 1856, Schuyler, MO

  no other information available

3 F: Josephine "Josie" BRASSFIELD

Birth: 1858, Schuyler County, MO

Spouse: Leonard S. "Len" SHEPHERD

Marriage: 6 Nov 1873, Umatilla County, OR

4 F: Martha Jane BRASSFIELD

Birth: 5 Jun 1860, Harrisburg, Linn, OR

Death: 31 Oct 1948, Pendelton, Umatilla County, OR

Spouse: Francis Marion SCRIVNER

Marriage: 22 Nov 1875, Weston, Umatilla County, OR


Birth: 1860, Monroe Township, Mahaska Co., IA

Notes for Alexander BRASSFIELD

Shown on 1880 Federal Census, Oregon, Blue Mountain (Weston), age 53, living with son John W. Brassfield, age 22.

1860 Federal Census Schuyler County, MO, Prairie Township, Page 725, ID#MO06065805, Moved to Umatilla County, OR, pg 007

1865 Brassfield, Alex Census Marion Co. OR, pg 009

1875 Brassfield, A Census Umatilla, pg 020

1885 Brassfield, Alexander Census Umatilla

Property document trade in 1881, City of Washington, OR,

Has nine land patents in Schuyler County, MO between 1854 and 1857.

Full Context of Judge Benjamin Hayes, California Diary, 31st: Walk on the hills this afternoon; breeze gentle and pleasant. Today a row of pepper trees set out in front of the stores, etc., of Temple on Main Street, those commencing opposite Commercial Street. William Gilky, who came down on the last steamer, introduces himself to me. He has been an invalid for 14 months, abscess in the side. Nephew of Rice Davenport, of Clay Co., Mo. Gives me information of Brassfield and others who came to California in 1849. All now back in Missouri, except himself, all [p.253] were prosperous here, and are rich at home, the young men with wives, the widowers married again, etc. Drury Melone has succeeded well, is now at Sacramento. He (Thomas Armindy) acquired a district school education and remained with his parents in Missouri until nineteen years of age. In the spring of 1850 he traveled overland across the plains, spending about one month in Salt Lake City, Utah, and then journeying to Eldorado County, CA, where he arrived on the 14th day of October, 1850. He took up his abode at what was then commonly known a Kelsey's dry diggings and engaged in placer mining during the following winter. In the spring he made his way to Sacramento, CA, and there spent seven months. In the spring of 1852 he began farming and gardening, following the pursuits with excellent success. In March of 1853 he began his homeward journey, returning to Missouri by water via the Nicaragua route and the Mississippi river. On his trip to California and back he has been accompanied by his brother Alexander. His brother John became ill with typhoid fever the day following his return and died nineteen days later. His mother also fell victim to that dread disease. In the spring of 1861 he again crossed the plains and settling in Oregon, located on the present site of Echo, which was known in earlier days as old Fort Henrietta. There he engaged in farming and stock-raising. The winter of 1861-62 was a very severe one and from 65 to 75 percent of the cattle perished during its course. He also conducted a roadhouse or station for the accommodation of the traveling public at what was called The Crossing, en route from Echo to Walla Walla. He took up his abode there in July 1867, but a year later removed to Scio, Linn county, where he remained for five years. On the expiration of that period he went to Weston and was there engaged in sheep-raising for eighteen years. During the following fourteen years he made his home in Gilliam county, devoting his time and energies to the sheep business with excellent results. In the spring of 1900 he came to Baker county, where he has since been engaged in farming and sheep raising to some extent, though now living practically retired at Baker. His sons reside at the same locality.

1880 Census OR Umatilla Blue Mountain ED 111 Pg 40C

Line 27

320 320 Brassfield, A WM 53 Farmer MO MO MO

---------, John WM 22 MO MO MO


Cause of Death: typhoid fever

Census 1: 1850, MO Schuyler Dist 91 Pg 85 (See Father)

Census 2: 1860, MO Schuyler Prairie Pg 109

Census 3: 1865, Marion, Oregon10

Census 4: 1875, Umatilla, Oregon11

Census 5: 1880, OR Umatilla Blue Mountain ED 111 Pg 40C

1885 Brassfield, Alexander Census Umatilla,

Property document trade in 1881, City of Washington, OR

Notes for Mary Crawford WILLIAMS

Pietrok Cemetery five miles west of Lyons in Linn County, Oregon on a high hill overlooking the North Santiam River.

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