Dennis Michael T. Brassfield Line   

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Dennis Michael T. BRASSFIELD (my paternal gg grandfather)

Birth:1794, Claiborne County, TN

Death: 26 Jan 1855, Schuyler County, MO

Father: James BRASSFIELD (1756-1803)

Mother: Unknown TRAMMELL

Marriage: 1821, Claiborne County, TN


Clarissa WILLIAMS (my paternal gg grandmother)

Birth: 1795, TN

Death: 31 May 1853, Schuyler County, MO

Father: Silas WILLIAMS

Mother: Unknown UNKNOWN


1 M: William Wiley BRASSFIELD

Birth: 7 Jan 1825, Knoxville, TN

Death: 20 Feb 1902, Weiser, ID

Spouse: Elizabeth PARTIN

Marriage:1849, Schuyler County, MO

2 M: Alexander “Alex” Brassfield (my great grandfather)

Birth: 29 Apr 1826, MO

Death: aft 1885, Scio? OR

Spouse: Mary Crawford WILLIAMS

Marriage: 1854, Lancaster Schuyler County, MO

3 F: Louisa "Linzey" BRASSFIELD

Birth: 2 Jul 1827, MO

Spouse: Elisha LYLE

Marriage: abt 1847, Schuyler County, MO

4 M: James F. Marion BRASSFIELD

Birth: 1828, MO

Death: 20 Aug 1877, Livingston County, MO

Spouse: Lucy KIFF


Birth: 4 Aug 1829, MO

Spouse: William EARP

Marriage: Walla Walla, WA

6 M: Thomas Armindy BRASSFIELD

Birth: 2 Apr 1831, Randolph County, MO

Death: 7 Oct 1919, Baker, OR

Spouse: Matilda Caroline WILLIAMS

Marriage: 16 Mar 1860, Schuyler County, MO

Spouse: Mary TUCKER

Marriage: 22 Jun 1856, Schuyler County, MO

Spouse: Unknown UNKNOWN

Marriage: 1853

7 M: John Silas BRASSFIELD

Birth: 29 Dec 1833, Schuyler County MO

Death: May 1853, MO

8 M: Squire Newton BRASSFIELD

Birth: 1839, MO

Death: 28 Mar 1866, Salt Lake City UT

Spouse: Mary Emma MILAM

Marriage: 28 Mar 1866, Salt Lake City, UT

Notes for Dennis Michael T. BRASSFIELD

1860 Adair County MO, Page132 Clay Township, ID#MO22911687

1850 Shown as DMS Brassfield 1850 United States Federal Census > Missouri > Schuyler > District 91

1840 Macon County MO, Page 044 GoshenTownship ID#MOS4a296385

1840 United States Federal Census > Missouri > Macon > Goshen with wife and 7 children.

(6 boys, 1 girl)

1830 Randolph County MO Shown with wife and four children.

Has five land patents in 1856-57 in Adair County, MO.

War of 1812 Service Records

BRASSFIELD DENNIS 4 REG'T (BAYLES') EAST TENNESSEE MILITIA. PRIVATE PRIVATE 24 602, Batch number: Dates Source Call No. TypePrintout Call No.Type M514581 1841-1878 1009591 V. 1 Film NONE

Dennis Michael T. Brassfield was born ca. 1796, TN; died Jan 26, 1855, married Clarissa Williams, born ca. 1795 in TN; died May 31, 1853.

Was a private in the war of 1812; drafted in Claiborne Co., TN; entered Capt. Brock's Co., East TN militia, Col. Samuel Bayle's 4th regiment, Nov. 8, 1814; service expired May 18, 1815. Applied for Bounty Warrant and received 80 acres land on Warrant No. 24661.

Dennis gave power of attorney to George Petrey in Claiborne Co., Sept 2, 1815, who was to act for him in business transactions. Thomas Lay, of Campbell Co. sold to James Brassfield of Claiborne co. 50 acres of land in Campbell Co. on south side of Powell's River, being part of Nathaniel Hart's lower lot.

Dennis M.T. Brassfield, John Brassfield, and Thomas Brassfield attested April 3, 1822. Deed book D, page 240, Campbell Co. Dennis Brassfield sold 150 acres of land in Claiborne Co. TN to Thomas Brassfield of same County Oct 1, 1825, whereon Thomas then lived. John Brassfield, James Brassfield, and William Nation attested-Deed Book M, page 237, Claiborne co., Tn. Dennis bought land in Randolph Co., MO.

In June, 1849 and 1850, the Justices of the Peace of Schuyler County composed the County Court as follows: Thomas B. Dubois, John Fugate, William Barlow, William Hulen, George Nichols, William Casper, William Roland, Dennis M.T. Brassfield, Fountain T. Foster, Cantley W. Stewart, Joseph W. Buchanan, William Roland.

Notes for Clarissa WILLIAMS

Of German and Welsh ancestry.

Daughter of Silas Williams

Died of Typhoid fever

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