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•Brassfield:    Dennis Michael T.    Alexander    John Wilson    Morgan Emsley
                 Othnal Minter    Lucy Ann    Cora Maybelle
•Polley:        Dr. Josiah    John Cutter    Robert Bruce    Cora Marion
•Goodwin:      William J.    John Wesley    Carl Owen    Dorothy Avenill    Twila Avonne
•Lamson:       John Hartley    James Hartley    Phelan Leroy
Following is my great aunt Alice Polley’s (Alice Polley Schwedes) plea for a new family historian in 1979. So, all of this information sat in a bookcase for over 20 years.  I don’t believe anyone becomes a family historian or a genealogist because you ask (or beg) them. They have to possess an interest generated from within themselves. 

Sun City, Ca. 
April 18, 1979
Dear Family:

I've finally gotten this much material together and am sending it out to nieces and nephews. John was kind enough to run off copies for all of you. I have a little more about both the Polley and Stevenson families that I'll get together later and send to you. 

I find many blank spaces for both names and dates. Will each of you PLEASE check thru and correct any error and send additional names and dates. I can correct and add to my master copy and send you all of the changes later. Then you can look up names and dates of spouses and make copies for your children. 

With my father, R. B. Polley, the eldest of ten children, you can see how many cousins you have around the country. There were only three boys and one, Charles, was shot during the "potato war," so there are only Uncle Cle's two boys with the Polley name. He was Judge of the Supreme Court in Pierre, South Dakota for years. 

I am well and leading a busy life here in Sun City. Right now I'm getting ready for a Tour of South America. We fly to Miami, Rio, Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu. It sounds exciting and will make a busy sixteen days. 

I hope you will realize how much time and effort has been put into the material I've gathered and that you will treasure and add to it.

Aunt Alice  

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