A website that exhibits much of my genealogy research over the past ten years. It also includes many old pictures and documents that I have gathered along the way. Of course, when that much time and effort is spent on your families, many of the truths will rise to the surface. When these “secrets” were discovered, I have detailed the entire story on the “Stories” pages. To be certain that future generations don’t blame me for keeping family secrets, I have also detailed some stories of current generations.

This has been a difficult (but entertaining and educational) ten years, gathering this information. All those difficulties are overshadowed by the great experiences, the breakthroughs, and the fine people I have worked with during this time.

In addition, I have placed several old yearbooks/annuals on this site for the benefit of other researchers.

I hope they experience a breakthrough from one of them.

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This picture is of the East Olympia Store. Me and my siblings were raised here during our formative years. Our living quarters were on the right side of the building and four bedrooms were upstairs. The picture was taken in about 1947.