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John Wilson BRASSFIELD (my paternal grandfather)

Birth: 10 Jan 1856, Clay County, MO

Death: 28 Oct 1918, Olympia, WA

Burial: Masonic Memorial Park, Tumwater, (Olympia) WA

Occupation: Farmer, Railroad Worker, Laborer, Methodist Minister

Religion: Protestant

Father: Alexander BRASSFIELD (1826->1885)

Mother: Mary Crawford WILLIAMS (1834-1866)

Marriage: 4 Oct 1885, Weston, Umatilla County, OR


Cora Maybelle LAMSON (my paternal/maternal grandmother)

Birth: 18 Jun 1866, St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN

Death: 28 Jun 1949, Tacoma, WA

Burial: Masonic Memorial Park, Tumwater, (Olympia) WA

Occupation: Homemaker, Restaurant Cook, Pastry Chef

Religion: Protestant

Father: James Hartley LAMSON (1829-~1877)

Mother: Lucy Ann BRASSFIELD (1842-1927)



Birth: 25 Dec 1886, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 7 Jul 1972, Seattle, King County, WA

Spouse: John Robert SCONCE Jr

Marriage: 12 Jul 1909, Portland, Multnomah County, OR

Spouse: Howard M. SIMONS

Marriage: 6 Sep 1920, Seattle, King County, WA

2 M: Uberta Earl "Bert" BRASSFIELD (Bert Grant)

Birth: 26 Mar 1888, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 17 Mar 1951

Spouse: Grace S. BOSWELL

Marriage: abt 1918, WA Or OR

3 M: Maurice Elmo BRASSFIELD

Birth: 25 Nov 1889, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 4 Mar 1965, Auburn, WA

Spouse: Flo UNKNOWN

4 F: Izetta Pearl "Helen" BRASSFIELD

Birth: 3 Aug 1891, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 22 Mar 1975, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

Spouse: Ogden MARSHALL

Spouse: Thomas Burl RIGGS


Birth: 3 Mar 1893, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 19 Oct 1987, Riverside County, CA

Spouse: Dr. Claude Clay LEAVERTON

Marriage: 17 Aug 1918, Multnomah County, OR

Spouse: Unknown FISHER

Spouse: Archie MYOTT

6 F: Hazel Gertrude BRASSFIELD

Birth: 23 Sep 1894, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 26 Mar 1983, Yakima, WA

Spouse: Andrew Delaney "Tim" POYSER

Marriage: 1913, Auburn, WA

7 M: Robert Foster BRASSFIELD

Birth: 13 Apr 1896, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 16 Dec 1972, Venice, Los Angeles County, CA

Spouse: Della STOKES

Spouse: Alice Ella OSTRANDER

8 M: Floyd Wilson BRASSFIELD

Birth: 10 Jan 1900, Weston, Umatilla County, OR

Death: 20 Oct 1972, Port Orchard, Kitsap County, WA

Spouse: Bertha Irene "Betty" FITZGERALD

Marriage: 1947, Tacoma, WA

Spouse: Betty Irene VINES

9 F: Lucille Maybelle BRASSFIELD

Birth: 3 Feb 1902, Walla Walla, WA

Death: 7 Nov 1993, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

Spouse: Walter Lyall "Lyle" WILLET

Marriage: 16 Jul 1922

Spouse: Theodore Robert REDDINGTON

Marriage: 17 May 1927, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

10 M: Morgan Emsley BRASSFIELD (my Father)

Birth:19 Jul 1903, Walla Walla, WA

Death: 17 Mar 1971, Alderton, Pierce County, WA

Spouse: Twila Avonne GOODWIN

Marriage: 9 Oct 1935, Sunnyside, Kittitas County, WA

Spouse: Rosaline Anna VONSALZEN, Died April 24, 1934

Marriage: 2 Dec 1931, Tenino, Thurston County, WA

This is where the two Brassfield lines come together.

Notes for John Wilson BRASSFIELD (Grandson of Dennis Michael T. Brassfield)

Shown on the 1880 Federal Census, Umatilla County, Weston, Blue Mtn., page 40C, living with father A. (Alexander) at age 22. NOTE: Cora Maybelle Lamson (age 14) is also living in Weston with mother Lucy Ann Ryan also shown in this census at this location.

John W's twin brother Robert, maybe raised by Thomas Armindy Brassfield, Crossed the plains over the Oregon Trail in 1859 with the family (possibly 1861, see below). Brassfield John W, farmer, e s Broad nr College. Taken from the Weston City Directory published in 1890 - Available in the Weston City Library, A LIST OF PIONEERS Below will be found a list of the Umatilla County Pioneers, as registered upon the books of the association, which it is hoped will be preserved for future reference. The list gives the name, date of arrival in Oregon and by what manner of conveyance As will be noted, there are a number of names, which are followed by the words "Oregon," "Washington" or "California." This simply denotes that they were born in those states and afterward removed to Umatilla county. The list is as follows. (Note: The list has been expanded to include all the information recorded in the registration book. The book is available to view in the Weston Public Library during normal hours.) Umatilla County Pioneers' Association. In this book he shows his birth year as 1857, and 1861 as the year he crossed the plains by ox team. 1860 BRASSFIELD JOHN W. Clay County MO 1039 Platte Township MO22911693 1880 County OR 031 Weston

Population Schedule OR 1880 Federal Census Index OR16644721.

MASONIC MEMORIAL PARK, Tumwater, part I (A-B), Masonic Cemetery. The cemetery was canvassed in 1979.

Information made available to the US GenWeb Archives by the Olympia Genealogical Society. Transcribed for the Internet and submitted by Jerri McCoy May 1998. ©1998 Jerri McCoy. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded. Please contact the Olympia Genealogical Society at PO Box 1313, Olympia, WA 98507-1313 for information about this or the many other publications available.

MASONIC MEMORIAL PARK, Tumwater, part I (A-B) This is the largest cemetery in Thurston County, and is located at the intersection of North Street and Cleveland Avenue on the south side of Olympia.

BRASSFIELD, Cora 28 Jun 1949 age 84

BRASSFIELD, Elmo C. 1964 stage name was Elmo C. Grant,

*BRASSFIELD, John W. 28 Oct 1918 age 62,

BRASSFIELD, Morgan Emsley 19 Jul 1903 21 Mar 1971 b Walla Walla,

BRASSFIELD, Robert 15 Feb 1973,

BRASSFIELD, Uberta 17 Mar 1951 age 64, stage name was Earl Grant

*Address on death certificate shows Boulevard Road in Olympia.

Shown on 1900 Census, Weston OR

Shown on 1910 Census, Pierce County, Puyallup, WA with family, age 52.

1910 United States Federal Census > Washington > Pierce > Puyallup Ward 3 > District 210

Shown on the 1860 Census,  1860 > Missouri > Schyuler, Prairie Township, Age 3

State of Oregon papers show re-enlistment in Oregon National Guard on June 1, 1894, discharged (from first enlistment) on May 27, 1894.

Notes for Cora Maybelle LAMSON (Granddaughter of Othnal Minter Brassfield)

U.S. Census  > 1870 U.S. Federal Census > Minnesota > Meeker > Collinwood

Crossed the plains over the Oregon Trail in 1877, at the age of nine.

Shown as "adopted daughter" on 1880 Oregon Census, Yamhill County, Page 463 (June 7-8, 1880). Living w/ James and Harriet Allen.

On the 1880 Oregon Census, page 463 (image 11 of 23) she shows her birth state as Minnesota, her father as NY and her mother as MO.

Also shown on the 1880 Census, Umatilla County, Blue Mountain w/Ryan Family. June 14, 1880. (shown as Cora Ryan)


Thomas RYAN

Male M W 46 IRE Fa: IRE Mo: IRE

Occ: Farmer


Wife Female M W 40 MO Fa: MO Mo: MO

Occ: Keeping House


Dau Female S W 13 MN Fa: NY Mo: MO

Phelan RYAN

Son Male S W 6 IA Fa: NY Mo: MO

Jane RYAN (this is Minnie Sibbets)

Dau Female S W 3 ID Fa: IRE Mo: MO

U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Washington > Pierce > Puyallup Ward 3 > District 210

Shown on 1930 Census living with daughter and husband, Claude C. Leaverton and Ada B. Leaverton. Washington, Pierce County, Tacoma, District 147.

Family of John Wilson Brassfield and Cora Maybelle Lamson. This photo was taken in 1918 after the funeral of John W Brassfield. Shown below in the middle is the only known picture of John W. Brassfield. Next to that on the left is my father’s gravesite. On the right is the earliest of known picture of the children. It was taken about 1898.


Family of John Wilson Brassfield and Cora Maybelle Lamson

This photo was taken in 1949 after the funeral of Cora Maybelle Lamson Brassfield

The five daughters of John and Cora Brassfield

Helen, Hazel, Lou, Nita, and Ada.

Robert Earl “Bobby” Sconce, son of Eva Anita Brassfield Sconce & John Robert Sconce Jr.

Cora Maybelle Lamson Brassfield and her five sons. Also included is her son-in-law Robert Sconce. Probably taken right after the death of John W. Brassfield in 1918.

Back Row: Bob, Bert, Elmo, and Bobby Sconce. Front Row: Floyd, Cora, and Morgan

Death Certificate for Cora Maybelle Lamson Brassfield                                Death Certificate for John Wilson Brassfield

Morning Olympian, Thursday October 31, 1918 - Page 4       Morning Olympian, Tuesday October 29, 1918 - Page 4

Kids in the front: John Brassfield (me), Sister Alice, Cousin Denny Reddington, Cousin Lynn Mulkey, Brother Morgan Jr, Sister Coralie. Middle Row Seated: Aunt Lou Reddington, Aunt Helen Marshall, Uncle Bert Grant, Aunt Ada Leaverton, My Mother Twila Brassfield, Aunt Anita Simons, Uncle Bob Brassfield and his wife Alice. Back Row: Uncle Ted Reddington, Uncle Ogden Marshall, Uncle Floyd Brassfield, Uncle Elmo Brassfield, my father Morgan Brassfield, Aunt Dorothy Mulkey, Cousin Teddy Reddington, Howard Simons (Aunt Anita’s husband), Uncle Tim Poyser, Aunt Hazel Poyser, Cousin David Leaverton.

Morgan E Brassfield Headstone, Masonic Cemetery, Olympia WA    Only known pic John Wilson Brassfield     Taken about 1898, 7 of the 10 children

       David Arthur Leaverton & Phyllis Ann Peterson

              sons Jeffrey Claude and Gregory Ernest

This is another picture of my Grandmother Brassfield and all of her ten children. I not certain what the occasion was, very possibly after the funeral of Uncle Claude Leaverton. Probably taken early in 1946.

This great old cigar store picture, probably located in Seattle or Olympia, is operated by Howard Simons, the second husband of the oldest daughter, Eva Anita. Probably taken in the late 1920’s.

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