Morgan Emsley BRASSFIELD (My Father)

Birth: 19 Jul 1903, Walla Walla, WA

Death: 17 Mar 1971, Alderton, Pierce County, WA

Burial: Masonic Cemetery, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

Occupation: Self-Employed (Business Owner)

Education: Graduated From Olympia High School, 1927

Religion: Protestant

Father: John Wilson BRASSFIELD (1856-1918)

Mother: Cora Maybelle LAMSON (1866-1949)

Other spouses: Rosaline Anna VONSALZEN

Marriage: 9 Oct 1935, Sunnyside, Kittitas County, WA


Twila Avonne GOODWIN (My Mother)

Birth: 24 Jun 1917, Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, MT

Death: 20 Oct 1992, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

Burial: Olympia, Thurston County, WA

Occupation: Chief Fiscal Officer, Supt. Of Public Instruction, Olympia, WA

Education: Graduated From Wapato High School, Wapato WA. Also Attended Stadium HS, Tacoma WA

Religion: Protestant

Father: Carl Owen GOODWIN (1890-1954)

Mother: Cora Marion POLLEY (1892-1969)

Other spouses: Francis H. "Fran" FLERCHINGER


1 M: Morgan Earl BRASSFIELD JR

Birth: 7 Aug 1936, Toppenish, WA

Spouse: Kay M'Lisse STEVENS

Marriage: 9 Nov 1957, Shelton, WA

2 M: John Wesley BRASSFIELD (me)

Birth: 1 Apr 1938, Toppenish, Yakima County WA

Spouse: Susanna Elizabeth MANDEEN

Marriage: 27 Sep 1958, Olympia, Thurston County, WA

3 F: Coralie Ann BRASSFIELD

Birth: 2 Nov 1940, Tacoma, WA

Spouse: Robert Marshall "Ray" JOHNSON

Marriage: 10 Apr 1965, Olympia, WA

Divorce: 1983

Spouse: Houston Eldon "Red" AMES

Marriage: 15 Jun 1985, Puyallup, WA

4 F: Alice Marie BRASSFIELD

Birth: 2 Nov 1942, Tacoma, WA

Spouse: Robert BLANKENSHIP

Marriage: 19 Jun 1965

Notes for Morgan Emsley BRASSFIELD

Moved to Yakima area in about 1932. Managed a service station in Toppenish when he met Twila, they married in 1935. The two sons were born there. Moved to Tacoma, WA in about 1939 where two daughters were born. Worked for the City of Tacoma on a survey crew for the LaGrande dam, near Alder, WA. Owned and operated the general store at East Olympia, WA 1944-1953, Owned and operated a laundromat in Lakewood, WA 1954-55, Owned and operated the M & M Tavern in Olympia, WA, Owned and operated the Corner Cupboard grocery store in Olympia, WA, Was an avid Republican, once the president of the Young Mens Republican Club in East Olympia. SSN 534-10-1241 Married in Sunnyside, WA. Lived in Toppenish in 1935-38, then moved to Tacoma, WA. Address was 35 N. E St. Shown in directory as Salesman. Morgan was shown in 1935 directory as Manager of Associated Service Station at 103 E. Toppenish Ave. He died in a nursing home in Pierce County.

U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Washington > Pierce > Puyallup Ward 3 > District 210, age 6


Notes for Twila Avonne GOODWIN

Operated the general store at East Olympia, WA, was also Postmistress there. An avid Republican, once President of the Young Womens Republican Club in East Olympia. In 1955 went to work for the Supt. of Public Instruction’s office, was steadily promoted until retirement in 1978, as Chief Fiscal Officer. Was raised on a peach ranch in the Yakima Valley, WA. Attended Stadium High School in Tacoma, graduated from Wapato High School, near Yakima. A Life Master in Contract Bridge.

SSN 539-32-0462


Morgan Sr. with Governor Langlie

Morgan & Twila at East Olympia

Twila Goodwin Brassfield

Morgan Emsley Brassfield Line                Back

Twila Goodwin Brassfield

Twila Goodwin Brassfield

Morgan E. Brassfield

Morgan & Twila Brassfield

Twila Avonne Goodwin

Morgan E. Brassfield

Twila Goodwin in the center

High School graduation announcement                        That’s Morgan E Brassfield in the front center. This crew was doing the survey

    for Twila A. Goodwin Brassfield.                                                for the LaGrande Dam (Alder Lake) in the 1940’s.

         Wedding Announcement                              The interior of the East Olympia General Store. Operated by Morgan & Twila for 10 years.

            for Morgan & Twila


                                                                                                                               Photo taken about 1935, includes Robert and Margaret Polley, Cora    

         Twila Goodwin Brassfield w/her four children:                                                                Polley Goodwin, Twila Goodwin, Dorothy Goodwin.

        Front: Alice, Coralie   Rear: Morgan Jr, Twila, John

Morgan Jr., John, Coralie, Alice and Lynn front left. Taken in the front yard of East Olympia store. About 1947.

This is the Flying “A” service station that my father managed in the early 1930’s in Toppenish WA. In the background, behind the pump on the left and to the right of the round Flying A sign is a building with Toppenish Trading Company painted on the side. This is where my mother went to work upon graduation from Wapato High School. I believe this is strong evidence that this is how they met, working next door to each other.


First home in Toppenish, Morgan & John born here.                            Our home and store in East Olympia, we were raised here.