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Robert Bruce POLLEY (my maternal g grandfather)

Birth: 23 Nov 1852, Lafayette, IN

Death: 18 Nov 1941, Langley, Island County, WA

Occupation: Farmer

Father: John Cutter POLLEY (1826-1886)

Mother: Amanda Annette KORN (1831-1896)

Marriage: 10 Jul 1882


Margaret Jane STEVENSON (my maternal g grandmother)

Birth: 11 Jun 1858, Veroqua, WI

Death: 1 Nov 1945, Seattle, King County, WA

Occupation: Homemaker, Private Nurse.

Father: Samuel Walker STEVENSON (1834-1895)

Mother: Elizabeth DUGAN (1819-1884)


1 F: Grace Elvesta POLLEY

Birth: 24 Apr 1883, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 3 Dec 1952, Brookings, OR

Spouse: Francis H. NEWTON

Marriage: 14 May 1918

2 F: Elizabeth Ann "Beth" POLLEY

Birth: 3 Mar 1885, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 16 Mar 1973, Los Angeles, CA

Spouse: Earl Leslie HACKING Jr

Marriage: 19 Aug 1914


Spouse: Knox POWELL

3 M: John Charles POLLEY

Birth: 12 Mar 1887, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 5 Mar 1950, Honolulu, HI

Spouse: Bella TOKER

Marriage: 1912

4 M: Robert Bruce POLLEY II

Birth: 5 Mar 1890, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 1 May 1960, Spokane, WA

Spouse: Mildred WALKER

5 F: Cora Marion POLLEY (my maternal grandmother)

Birth: 26 May 1892, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 8 Feb 1969, Shelton, WA

Spouse: Carl Owen GOODWIN

Marriage: 1 Aug 1916, First Presbyterian Church, Butte MT

6 F: Dora Amanda POLLEY

Birth: 26 May 1892, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 17 Apr 1978, Rancho Bernardo, CA (At Home)

Spouse: George Lincoln DRAKE

Marriage: 15 Sep 1915, Ketchikan, AK

7 F: Margaret Jane POLLEY

Birth: 3 Mar 1895, Aitkin County, MN

Death: 8 Jan 1978, Seattle, WA (At Home)

Spouse: Edwin T. NATTRASS

Marriage: 21 Jun 1919, Everett, WA

8 M: Samuel Cleland POLLEY

Birth: 6 Apr 1899, Grand Rapids, MN

Spouse: Norah HOUGHTON

Marriage: 26 Dec 1923

9 F: Alice Isobel POLLEY

Birth: 10 Nov 1899, Grand Rapids, MN

Death: 24 Jan 1998, Hemet, Riverside, CA

Spouse: Carl Henry SCHWEDES

Marriage: 8 Aug 1925, Everett, WA

Notes for Robert Bruce POLLEY

Most information from Robert Bruce and older are from Family Search, Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #18, Pin #595243. 959636-0729100123409. 1860 Polley Robert B. Houston County, MN Page 42, Winnebago Township, Federal Census MNS7a4269909, MNS7a4269910. Moved the family from Minnesota to Langley, WA

Shown on the 1930 Census, State of Washington, Island County, Langley, age 77. Bruce R. Polly.

Shown on 1880 Census, Aitkin County, page 5A living with parents and family, age 27.

1930 United States Federal Census > Washington > Island > Langley > District 9

Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905 > 1895 > Aitkin > Aitkin

R. Bruce 41, Margaret 37, Grace 12, Bess 10, John 8, Robert 5, Cora 3, Dora 3.

Notes regarding Carl Henry SCHWEDES

Notes for Margaret Jane STEVENSON

Margaret Jane Guiner Isabel Stevenson.

Shown on the 1930 Census, State of Washington, Island County, Langley, age 71.

Sam married Elizabeth Dugan who had come from Ireland in 1848 at 27 years of age. They moved to New Albin, Iowa with their daughter, Margaret Jane, my mother. Elizabeth died when mother was about 16 and her father married again. (Alice ??) Mother disliked her so thoroughly that she left home at about 16 and taught school.

1930 United States Federal Census > Washington > Island > Langley > District


Facts collated by Alice Schwedes

The Stevenson boys were born 7 miles out of Belfast, between Belfast and Corrick. Their father, John Stevenson, and grandfather were blacksmiths, working at their home. The boys went across to Scotland and worked in the grain fields during harvest time.

William came to New York when he was about 20 (1820). He was followed by John, Sam, Hugh and James in about 1835. Their sister, Ann, was still in Ireland, when Hugh and John went back to visit their parents they brought Ann with them on the return trip. She sickened and died and was buried at sea. This was a great grief to all of the family.

The four brothers followed William west and bought farms adjacent to his in Badaxe, Wisconsin. Sam married Elizabeth Dugan who had come from Ireland in 1848 at 27 years of age. They moved to New Albin, Iowa with their daughter, Margaret Jane, my mother. Elizabeth died when mother was about 16 and her father married again. (Alice ??) Mother disliked her so thoroughly that she left home at about 16 and taught school.

Her father, Sam, and Alice had one child, Isabella. She later married a Mr. Stanton. She lived in Missoula, Montana where Beth and I visited her in about 1934. She was mother's half-sister and they always kept in touch.

After Sam's death, Alice married a George Reynolds and had three children. Sam Jr. is a mine carpenter in Butte, Mont; Charles has a gravel and Rock Hill in Mill City, Ore; and Beryl Bollinger of Brookings, Oregon where Grace and James lived and are buried.

Margaret Jane married Robert Bruce Polley and, after quite a bit of wandering, moved to his father's farm on the Mississippi River.

They raised seven children there and lost one, an infant. They moved north to a farm out of Grand Rapids, Minn. in 1894 where father farmed and worked as a cook in a logging camp in the winter. My brother, Cleland and I were born there, helped into this world by a Dr. Stork.

The family moved from Minnesota in 1908 to Langley, Wash., a small town on Whidbey Island, across from Everett. With the help of a carpenter, my father and two older brothers built a two-story house on a 20 acre tract overlooking Puget Sound, other islands and Mt. Baker to the north. My father went to Canada for the wheat harvest and one year mother went, too. Then, later, Cle (at about 15) went too. He stayed and worked until he could stake a claim on R. R. land. He married a Canadian girl, had one daughter, Helen, and still 1ives there. (1979)

Robert and John also went to Calgary where Robert worked into a string of taxis and real estate. John worked from a fireman to an engineer on the Canadian Pacific. After his retirement, he took a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. A truck in Honolulu ran him down. He died in the hospital a few days later at 72 years of age.

We girls all went on to College and became teachers, Beth staying with it in Minneapolis until she was 75.

Now, in 1979, there is only one great grandson with the Polley name in this branch of the family; Donald Robert Polley, born 28 Feb. 1968 in Calgary, Canada, John's grandson. Also, only Cle and I are left of the Polley children.


gleaned from letters written by my Mother's cousin, James Stevenson,

to Norah and Cle Polley during the years of 1953 and 1954,

and additions of my own. (Alice Schwedes)

Mother, Margaret Jane Stevenson Polley, was born in Viroqua, Wisc. She was an only child, but after her mother's death her father remarried and had either two or three children. Mother disliked her stepmother and left home at about 18 to teach school. She soon married but always enjoyed and kept in touch with her half-sister, Isobel Stanton. Beth and I visited her in Missoula, Montana on our way west from Minneapolis when my Charles was a baby. (About 1935)

In James' letters he said that the Stevensons were born seven miles out of Belfast, Ireland, near Carrick Fargus. Mother's grandfather was a blacksmith at their home. He apparently had a large family because Cousin James tells of his father, James, moving to Wisconsin up the Badaxe stream about seven miles near Sam, my grandfather, in New Albin. Then John came and bought a small farm across the stream; then Sam moved next to him and Hugh on the other side.

Soon John left and moved to Utica, Illinois; Sam went to New Albin and Hugh left for South Dakota. In 1892 James' father sold out and lived with his children until his death at Ponca, Nebraska. Sam, mother's father, moved to Viroqua, Wisconsin, where mother was born.

Mother's cousin James was a dentist. He married in 1895 in Iowa City. He and Rose spent most of their 45 years in Portland, Oregon. After Rose's death, he went up to Langley, Washington to visit mother. He met my oldest sister, Grace, who had lost her husband, Francis Newton. Grace was teaching school in Everett and helping to put her son, Charles Bruce, thru Stanford. Grace married James, believing that he had property worth millions because of the asbestos deposits on some property of his.

It turned out to be nothing so Grace found herself still having to support herself and an aging dentist. They bought a small acreage in Brookings, Oregon, where they tried to get in on a bonanza of growing and selling Easter lily bulbs. That fizzled out and they next planted blueberry bushes. They grew beautiful berries but had no market.

Grace had saved some $2,000 from her teacher's pension for an eye operation. When she had a stroke and died from overexertion, James used her savings for funeral expenses and gave the place to a cousin of his from Minneapolis, and left nothing to Grace's son, Charles, who was married and a medical officer in the Navy.

   The nine children of Robert Bruce Polley and Margaret Jane Stevenson

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