Alice Isobel Polley Schwedes:
Alice was the youngest of the Polley group that made up the sisters and brothers of my grandmother Cora. From what I’ve heard she was also the most beautiful. She assumed the role a Polley family historian, did a lot of research, collected photos, letters, and other information from family members during her research. In her later years she sent the entire packet of information to my mother with a letter including a plea for her to continue the research. Not! After my mother passed away in 1992, and her belongings were being dealt with, the packet of research material turned up. I suppose we can thank my mother for not throwing it away. None of my three siblings or cousins had any interest in family history, especially a bundle of old letters and photos. I had little interest also but knew all of this data was of value and represented a “family heirloom”. It’s from that group of letters and photos that I developed my interest in genealogy. Many of these photos and letters are posted on the Aitkin County MN website where this family settled and most of these children were born.
Thank you great aunt Alice for rescuing all the Polley family letters and pictures.
The list of sources in the Brasfield/Brassfield book is extensive, it’s easy to tell there were a lot of letters and research trips involved. Just the effort involved in developing and mailing the questionnaire to every Brasfield/Brassfield family in the United States must have been a difficult task. Then, receiving the dozens (or more) responses, putting it all together, and prepare the data for publishing, must have taken most of the years involved. 

There is now a website available for all Brasfield/Brassfield families. I contribute to this site when necessary (adding and correcting family information). It was originally developed from the information contained in the book, and most of the errors have now been corrected. So, thank you to the McAllisters for their “hard way” efforts in producing this book. Needless to say, with only 400 copies published, it has become quite rare. Also, we all owe Michael D. Brasfield our thanks for continual work on the Brassfield/Brasfield website. He’s done a great job and just finished a complete redesign. I can appreciate it even more now. Check it out:  http://www.brasfield.netshapeimage_6_link_0
Other Researchers:
This has been an interesting study in human behavior. I have found other researchers and friendly, responsive and helpful group who are eager to share their findings. They all seem to be very nice people and are willing to provide whatever you need, if possible. and rarely reluctant to do look-ups. I don’t know of any other group that is “across the board” so pleasant to work with. So, my thanks to all those people who have answered my letters, returned my calls, responded to my e-mails and shared their work. Also a special thanks to my relatives who have been so cooperative (Sister Coralie Ames and Cousin Lynn Brown). That seems to help make this hobby worthwhile.  I wish I could meet them all.
I encourage all of you to e-mail me with any questions, corrections, or a desire for additional information. I wish to make this a better website and research tool. I have quite a lot of additional data that is not on this website, and am certainly willing to to share any of it. Contact me at:                       

Minnie Maud Sibbets

nee Sara Jane Lamson

Floyd and Richard Poyser

Lawrence and Betty Blattie

I tracked down this family through some good old-fashioned research. The Blattie family married into the Lamson family in the early 1900’s. When I finally located Harold in Montana, he was pleased to hear from me as his family had little or no knowledge about the Lamson group. He was kind enough to provide dozens of pictures, certificates and associated material that completed my research on that part of the Lamson family. Phelan Leroy was my grandmothers’ brother. He left Oregon and migrated to Montana in the late 1800’s, right after he turned 18. Harold is the grandson of Phelan.

Harold actually delivered all the material in person when they attended a seminar in Sacramento. I was able to have dinner with them and visit about genealogy. Very nice people. Thank you Harold for going through all your files to provide what I needed.

Picture on the right is Lawrence Harold Blattie and Bettie Blattie.