This website is dedicated to my father and mother, shown in the picture on the top left. Their four children are shown in the photo just below them, in about 1944. That’s me third from the left. The bottom left photo is again the four children (me in the back wearing blue), and my first cousin on the left who is like a sister to all of us. We were a little older then, and are even older now. And last but certainly not least, to the right, is my wife and me, this picture was taken about on our 46th wedding anniversary.

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Genealogy, My Family & Friends, Me and More

I have put this off for years. A large collection of family pictures and documents, as well as a large collection of family facts and information from various family members has been gathering in boxes and on shelves for over 10 years. Well, now it’s time to publish all this for the world to see.

You will find a reasonably large genealogy collection, a result of about 10 years of research, including several road trips throughout the northwest. I’ve been in archives, courthouses, basements, cemeteries, libraries, and numerous other places gathering this information on my extended family. I’ve bought and placed headstones, taken research trips to the towns that my relatives lived in on the west coast. Of course, everywhere I went, many kind genealogy researchers have shared their information with me.

There are also some other genealogical treasures I’ve collected along the way. Several old high school yearbooks from the high schools attended by my father and mother are detailed. Some nice very old (1850’s and 1860’s) documents that have survived in the family.

I have posted up to four generations for each family but do have a lot more data. I am willing to share with any interested researchers. Please use the e-mail feature to contact me. So, feel free to browse around, use the search feature (coming soon) to see if you have any relatives or other special people on any of these pages. Enjoy!

By the way, I’m John Wesley Brassfield, self-appointed historian/researcher for the families included on this website. I live in Northern CA, near Sacramento, in the foothills of the Sierras.

I am one of the four children of Morgan Emsley Brassfield and Twila Avonne Goodwin. Born in the Yakima WA area in 1938, but raised in and around Olympia WA, prior to moving to Northern CA in 1962. This small family in 1962 has now grown to four children and eleven grandchildren. Woo hoo!